Keyword Espionage! – How To Mine Keywords From Your Competitors!

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There is a lot to be said for not reinventing the wheel! Who has time, right? Moreover, unlike Star Trek, I’m not sure I want to go where no man has gone before. I’d much rather trod a well worn path that leads to hungry markets, eager for what I happen to be selling! So how do we arm ourselves for this battle? It often starts with a bit of keyword espionage!

Spying on other site’s keywords is a time-honored tradition in Internet marketing  (relatively speaking , of course!). Up until recently, however, it was an incredibly difficult exercise in frustration and patience, ferreting out the prize keywords your competition was using. That’s no longer the case. There are a number of tools, some free, that make the task a great deal easier, and can help you with the site intelligence you need to target pages and posts on your sites with some sort of plan. Targeting keywords for SEO and marketing campaigns is essential, and if you know which of these are vulnerable, you’re that much further ahead!

Some of the free tools available that can give you a fairly good view of the keywords being targeted by your competition are Alexa,, SpyFu, and SEMRush. While each of them in their free versions may not give you a totally accurate picture, you can cobble together a pretty good view by using several of these and comparing data. SpyFu has a very nice paid option. However, accomplishing this for free could work well if you are only working on a limited number of sites/keywords. Otherwise it could tend to get very tedious!

Some of the paid tools that deliver great results are SEO SpyGlass, Market Samurai, and KeywordSpy. All are very good at what  they do, with varying prices and features. Once you have your data, you can make some important decisions about which keywords are worth targeting and which ones might be better left for a more long term view. In any  case, this type of information is invaluable and should be part of your arsenal when trying to unseat those sites above you in the search engines!

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