Keyword Research Lite!

Keyword Research Lite! ($150)<br />

A laser-targeted “Lite” version of our Comprehensive Keyword Research package, this one delivers up to 100 highly-targeted keyword phrases in a maximum of 3 verticals within your market.

This is perfect for small niche markets, or smaller segments of a larger market you may be in. This search will return keyword phrases that are low in competition, yet still have a quality amount of monthly searches. It also includes a number of Long Tail keywords you can exploit.

You will receive daily keyword search counts, as well as Google Competition and “InTitle” Competition. We also identify the Top 10 keyword opportunities we find. The research comes in an Excel file for your convenience. Turnaround time is 1-2 business days.

This is a fast and efficient way to find the keywords you need to be targeting. Don’t waste time and money marketing without this information! Click the button below to order yours now.