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Organic Backlinking Campaigns

Quit Wasting Your Money of Tactics that Don't Work Anymore!

You can't get good rankings in Google anymore just by throwing a bunch of content at some article directories and hope something sticks.

If you want to rank well in the SERPs today, you need a good plan that combines well-written content, proper on-page SEO, and the right Web 2.0 websites. And backlinks--plenty of them--that are themselves strengthened with multiple backlinks.

That's why we've come up with Organic Backlinking Campaigns. We combine a various mixture of article marketing, blogging, domain networks, video marketing, Web 2.0 pages, multiple marketing pseudonyms (complete with their own thorough profiles), your own Youtube channel, promotion for the above pages, promotion for some of your own URLs--and several hours of blog and other social media commenting.

Sound like enough? Super-marketers such as Howie Schwartz and Amit Mehta have been happy with our services for going on three years now. And you sure won't become a success by doing the opposite of what successful people do.

The choice is up to you:
Stick with the article marketing that used to work--or adapt and thrive?
Package Names:
Organic Backlinking Campaign Silver - $1,000Targets 5 Keywords, 40+ links (45+ on the first month) Organic Backlinking Campaign Gold - $1,500 Targets 5 Keywords, 66+ links (73+ on the first month) Organic Backlinking Campaign Platinum- $2,000Targets 5 Keywords, 81+ links (104+ on the first month) and 1 Press Release Written and Submitted to

Article Marketing

Article marketing Silver - $500

With the Article Marketing Silver Package our expert team of writers and editors will write 10 quality 500 - word articles based around your keywords. We will then submit these incrementally throughout the next few weeks to the articles directories or and backlink the articles to your website. We follow that up with our results-oriented promotional strategies which include pinging, RSS feed submission and social bookmarking to 50 different locations.

Blog Writing

Blogging, Posting and Promotion - $425

Our expert team will write and edit 10 – 500 word posts for your blog. We then post them onto your blog in regular increments throughout the month and promote 50% of the posts with pinging, RSS feed submission and social bookmarking. The reason we promote only 50% is so that it looks natural and this will help the search engines will like you.

Press Releases

Press Release Expertly Written , Edited and Submitted to Web Wire