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HubPages – A Web 2.0 Site Worth The Effort!

Monday, November 8th, 2010
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You surely have heard of HubPages, a self publishing platform that enables you to put up a blog filled with all sorts of content, aimed at talking about whatever it is you have a fancy to. This is a free publishing solution, and all it takes is your time and care. You can also make money from your hub through the ads that are running there, although you have no control over those ads. You are merely providing the content. The ads, usually Google Adsense and several banner ads, are selected by HubPages and the ad networks. You just get a cut.

However, for our purposes, this is not why we want to use HubPages. The best way to use a Web 2.0 site like HubPages is to use it for it’s authority. HubPages rank very well, and your hubs will often show highly in the search engine results because of this authority. This can be very useful on several levels. First, it can help you get sites and web pages indexed as links from an authoritative site and be followed — and Google is on HubPages all day. There is also some direct traffic from Hubs, though that is entirely dependent on the content you create. Any links you create back to your site are no-follow until you reach a “HubScore” of at least 75. Then they will be follow links and pass Page Rank and authority.

Best Practices On HubPages

The best way to make sure you are able to use HubPages to your advantage is to create the best Hubs you possibly can. HubPages does not suffer from spammers, and if there is a hint of spamminess in your Hub, it will be deleted. Moreover, you are only allowed a certain number of links to your site, and beyond that you are cut off.

Try and tell a story with your hub, and make it a mini-authority site on the subject you are writing about. If possible, use other types of media, such as video, images, and feeds. These can also help tell your story, and help your Hub rank higher.

HubPages is a terrific place to post relevant content with links back your sites. Just make sure to avoid the temptation to try and spam them, and you’ll find it very useful indeed!

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