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Google Tool Search Counts – Notice Anything?

Monday, October 4th, 2010
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The Google Adwords Keyword external tool, long a staple of marketers who needed a tool to determine the popularity and competitiveness of particular keywords for their websites and ad campaigns, has undergone a change. This was threatened long ago by Google, and the tool has been in “beta’ for eons. However, as of last week, that came to an end.

The new Google tool is now live, and there are a few changes that have caused some concern among marketers. (You can read about this change on the Adwords blog). Essentially, the major change has to do with the search number reported in the local and global monthly searches columns. Previously they had included searches from partners as well as searches on Now it’s purely from searches on Google. This has resulted in some rather dramatic reductions in search counts for certain keywords in certain markets. However, not everything was drastically affected.

Other aspects that were updated include the ability to more easily filter by match types as well as new capabilities of viewing numbers for mobile search, local search, and more.

A search performed when not signed into your Google Adwords account will only return 100 results. Sign in and get hundreds more.

You may be wondering how this effects the other, non-Google keyword tools. The ones that use Google data will be using old data for a bit, until they can re-tool. The others that pull from other meta search engines, like WordTracker, will not be changed much. You’ll need to ask your tools help desk what the status is.

The bottom line here is that not much has really changed. While the numbers may have been tweaked, in essence, they are more real and should give you a better look at what’s real in a given keyword space.

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