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One of the more easy to use and very useful Web 2.0 sites out there  today is one called Weebly. Weebly is a self-publishing platform that lets you use their software and web space to create a site or blog of your choosing. Weebly is also very search engine friendly, and Google seems to like it, giving it a page rank of 8 at this writing. They also seem to pay a lot of attention to the content posted there, with the GoogleBot visiting several times a day, swallowing up new content to rank. Let’s examine what you can do with Weebly and the best ways to use it!

Publishing a site or blog on Weebly is drop dead easy. You simply head over to Weebly.com and sign up to create your new site. You can use a subdomain on Weebly, which will read something like yoursite.weebly.com, or you can register a new domain to use there — your choice. Then you make the determination if you’d like this to be an html site or a blog. Either way, creating content on them is as easy as dragging and dropping page elements into place and making it all make sense. No coding required!

However, Weebly is somewhat unique in that they let you play around with the source codes and CSS stylesheets if you are so inclined, but it’s truly not necessary. You can create a great looking site right out of the box! Add text block, photo galleries, videos, RSS feeds, maps, and images. You can even make a few bucks using Google Adsense and you won’t have any annoying ads belonging to anyone else, as is common with many Web 2.0 sites. You can create a great look for your site using any of the 70 terrific looking templates that you simply plug in and use.

Not only are Weebly sites easy to make and look at, they can be very useful to your marketing efforts. You can post links to your money sites here, and create unique content that will rank on it’s own, sending even  more visitors to your offers or eventual destinations. Using Weebly sites as a feeder site alone is missing some of the potential benefits they can deliver. The standard caution applies, however, to using Web 2.0 sites or any site you don’t own for that matter, as your money site. They can make you a few bucks, but if you don’t control whether they live or die, it’s simply not worth it!

That said, go out and experiment with Weebly! I think you’ll like it!

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