What Is Your Overall Internet Marketing Strategy?

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If you were to be forced to say exactly what your Internet marketing strategy was, could you do so in three sentences or less? Do you even know the answer yourself? This may well be a wake-up call to many, especially those who have bought into the lie that there are untold riches simply waiting for you to point and click. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and if you haven’t discovered this already, you soon will.

What is needed for success in Internet marketing, just like any other business, is a clear plan for success. The more detailed, the better. While technologies change and new opportunities arise, the core strategy usually remains fairly close to your initial plan. Let’s examine some principles connected with developing a sound Internet marketing strategy.

Focus – If there was one item that is more important than all the rest, that would most certainly be the ability to focus on the strategy and tasks at hand. More people fail at this business than many others because they are forever chasing the next “shiny new toy.” This has become almost epidemic in IM circles. You’ve barely scratched the surface on one strategy when another comes along to steal your time, attention, and resources. Do this time after time, and you’ve discovered a marvelous way to fail. If you’re going to make changes, you’d better have a great reason for doing so. Otherwise, stay the course until you make it work!

Skill Sets - Make sure what you’re attempting to do has some relation to your present skill set. If you wake up one morning with a desire to become a highly paid copywriter, you’d better be sure you can string a few words together in an efficient and compelling fashion!

DIY or Outsource? – Will you attempt to perform all the work yourself or will you employ outsourcers or staff to help? You need to have a clear vision here. Many people in search of the 4 hour work week find what they created instead is an 80 hour a week monster called a job!

Working Capital - Do you have enough working capital to get yourself started and a plan for plowing some of the profits you make back into the company to help it grow? Things to consider…

Time Frame and Goals – Have you set yourself a reasonable time frame along with some clearly defined goals to act as milestones and motivators? People who have concrete, written goals are far more likely to find success!

Take some time to ponder these points now and avoid a lot of heartache later!

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